Friday, January 27, 2012

September: quilt projects

We had great projects this month.

Linda is working on this sweet quilt made from a honey bun roll.

This hand bag that Des made, uses hexagons stitched together with a sewing machine. Des says its not too terrible to sew the hexies together.

Dixie brought a hexagon quilt top her grandmother made. It is all stitched by hand. 

Applique is perfect for a tea towel shared by Phyllis.

Rose combined cross-stitched blocks and scrappy borders to make this wonderful quilt. 

It was fun to welcome Vicky to the group this month. She shared a quilt she put together from blocks her great grandmother made. The fabric in these butterfly blocks is original 1930's and 1940's fabric and the borders are reproduction fabrics. The quilt was hand quilted by an Amish woman who once had a quilt almost exactly like this one herself.

Vicky said she really loves the repo fabrics and shared three different tops she made using reproduction fabrics.

This faux chenille baby blanket is fun, but maybe time-intensive. Stephanie L. layered four pieces of flannel together. Then she stitched straight lines 1/2 inch apart for the chenille sections with a 4 inch space between the chenille sections to create the stripes. She used scissors to cut THREE of the flannel layers between the 1/2 inch rows of stitching (do not cut the bottom layer of flannel) to create the fuzzy "chenille."  If you do accidently cut the bottom layer, just applique a cute flower or something over the hole, she says. Stephanie simply sewed around the blanket about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the edges to hold the layers together and let the edge fray.

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