Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exploding Rail Block

A big thank you to Terry for showing us this idea (by the Missouri Quilt Co. & 3 Dudes Quilting). & then for Terry sending the link so we could all see it again.

The video is found on You Tube Here if this link doesn't work.

  Or here is the same idea, a slightly different version,  on this tutorial at Two More Seconds.

process tutorial - 7
               (Picture from 2 More Seconds Blog)

Here is the link for the tutorial.  from Two More Seconds Version.  

So here is the Challenge for March:

  Take this video & create your own variation. You could do it with 3,4,5,6 strips, or certain colors, change the thickness. Anything you want. Just try something & then show up with it for  the March meeting & share. We would love to see your variations that you come up with & the different ways it could turn out.  So watch the video, get busy & we will see you with your completed challenge in March. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Instructions for Pinwheel Toss

Here is the link for the Pinwheel Toss, that Ilene taught at the meeting in February.
 This picture was taken Sew We Quilt blog, but here is where the instructions for the Pinwheel Toss are at Sew We Quilt. (Just click on their name & it should link you over.) 

Picture of the finished Pin Wheel Toss block from Sew We Quilt

We will also try to get the instructions for the Exploding Rail Block on here soon, so you can complete your challenge before the March Meeting! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

October projects

Heidi started our quilt group sharing in October with this adorable pillowcase sewn by her young daughter.

Darlene brought a pretty red and yellow quilt top and an adorable quilt with little house blocks. The roofline at the top is such a nice way to continue the house theme! She also showed a beautiful black and tan quilt and an applique table runner she has been working on.

Chris brought a quilt from last year's exchange blocks that will be used as a couch cover.

Ilene showed how she put together sampler blocks in retro colors in this pretty quilt top.

And we all admired this very cute "mutts and bones" quilt Ilene made for a grandbaby. The pattern is from Fons and Porter in the July/August 2004 "Love of Quilting" magazine. Ilene made the mutts from corduroy pants her daughter used to wear.

Ginny brought a rag quilt she made as a wedding gift. We loved the color combination!

Teri always has something fun to share. The small quilt is supposed to look like a window pane and the chickens outside. Fun!
She also showed this red, white and blue quilt with a panel as the center.

Des and Leann made cute pinwheel pillows!

LeAnn used a kitchen window pattern to showcase some Ghastlies fabric in this quilt top.

And Des showed how a quilt can use the exact same pattern but look completely different just by changing the colors in her version of the kitchen window.

 Des brought her small houses quilt, too.  Her houses are put together with blocks of four houses and each set of four is separated by the pretty yellow sashing. 

And it is amazing that a single, simple log cabin square can be such a cute small quilt! This is very fun Des!