Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exploding Rail Block

A big thank you to Terry for showing us this idea (by the Missouri Quilt Co. & 3 Dudes Quilting). & then for Terry sending the link so we could all see it again.

The video is found on You Tube Here if this link doesn't work.

  Or here is the same idea, a slightly different version,  on this tutorial at Two More Seconds.

process tutorial - 7
               (Picture from 2 More Seconds Blog)

Here is the link for the tutorial.  from Two More Seconds Version.  

So here is the Challenge for March:

  Take this video & create your own variation. You could do it with 3,4,5,6 strips, or certain colors, change the thickness. Anything you want. Just try something & then show up with it for  the March meeting & share. We would love to see your variations that you come up with & the different ways it could turn out.  So watch the video, get busy & we will see you with your completed challenge in March. 

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