Friday, August 17, 2012

5- Minute Block Challenge

 We had a wonderful meeting in August & we are sorry for those that missed it! Pictures of quilts shown will be coming  soon, but we decided to a challenge this month to bring in September.  Phyllis showed up the 5 minute block that she had found, & Stephanie is working on putting a raffle for a dear friend.  So we have decided to combine the two. So listen up . . . this is what you need to do:

  Watch this video, teaching you how to make the 5 - minute block, on this you tube video taught by Suzanne McNeill . 

What you need to do & Bring to our September Meeting:  

We have decided to do a scrappy quilt, but your center fabric (the one that is dark blue in the picture above) must white or cream. Anything else can be scrappy, as long as that center fabric is white or cream. We will be making 8 blocks.    You will need to cut your  rectangles  3" wide by  5 1/2" long. 

 Remember 8 Blocks, white or cream as the center fabric.  We are going to combine everyone blocks that are brought to our September meeting, & turn it into a quilt for Stephanie & the raffle they are making for her dear friend that lost her husband.

So get out your sewing gear & get to work! I talked to Illene who already has made hers & she says the longest part, is deciding your fabric.  We can't wait to see what you bring! 

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