Tuesday, April 10, 2012

January Meeting 2012

Hooray for a new year full of quilting and sewing adventures in our quilt group!

Rosemary put together the blocks from the 2011 block exchange in this bright and colorful quilt top. We can't wait to see how she finishes this one!

Vicky brought this adorable pink quilt with patchwork hearts and the cutest love birds. 

There was some "ooohs" and "aaaaws" when Vicky brought out these bunnies with floppy ears and carrots. 

Another quilt from Vicky with fruit basket fabrics.

Blue was the perfect color in this quilt from Vicky.

A buggy barn style quilt in fall colors and prints from Vicky

And finally a cute wall hanging with witches and pumkins - also made my Vicky. We love all the quilt inspiration Vicky!!

Rose brought levi quilts this month. The blocks cut with the levi seams on the diagonal make and interesting pattern in the quilt and make it easier to sew over the seams. 

Rose said there were some small holes in the levi  so she sewed flannel applique shapes over the holes. Cute!

Rose used levi and fabric to make rag quilts that had everyone intrigued. She cut a shape out of the top layer of levi and backed it with fabric. That is stacked with the middle layer (if you want to use a middle layer) and the backing. Then she sewed 1/4 inch from the cut edge of the shape through all the layers to quilt it all together and finally stitched the squares together to complete the quilt.

The cathedral window is another amazing way to combine levi and fabric into a beautiful rag quilt. Thank you for sharing Rose!!

Terry was finishing some projects and brought this fun star and stripe quilt.

She also brought two neighborhood window quilts in pretty country colors.

Terry also brought back this cute patchwork and applique mini quilt to show us how she decided to quilt it by stitching buttons to the finished piece!

Terry brought a dissappearing nine-patch in pink and brown. We always love to see the disappearing nine-patch quilts.

Terry also shared this cute little quilt in pastels with fun wonky shapes and crazy nine-patches.

Emily shared her very first quilt with us. She made this quilt for her daughter as a gift. Good job Emily!

Emily also amazed us with her second quilt top! She said she made this design up herself and did lots and lots of math to figure out all the measurements. She said this quilt will also be a gift.

Heidi said she needed some blankets for baby boy and felt well enough to make some flannel receiving blankets and an all-boy fleece throw.

Stephanie made wool vests for Christmas gifts. These are made from green wool army blankets that she dyed black. 

Leann was inspired by a quilt on the cover of McCall's Quilting Magazine (Nov/Dec 2011) to make this pretty winter quilt.

Julie also put together her exchange blocks from last year. She chose to make blocks in country colors. These blocks are fun because a different pattern emerges as you arrange and turn the blocks different ways.

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