Friday, November 9, 2012

Inspiration: How to use the Twister Tool

This month's inspiration from Ilene is a mini-tutorial on how to use the Lil' Twister Tool from Country Schoolhouse Designs.  

To make the twister blocks, you will need a charm pack or fabrics cut into 5-inch squares. If you want the twisters to "float" on a background (as shown above) you will need to cut squares from a background fabric also.

Arrange the squares and sew them together as shown above if you want the twisters on a background. If you want the twisters to interlock, simply sew the colored squares together without the background color. Add a 3'' contrasting border to the entire piece if you want a border to frame the twisters (see quilt example above- orange border). 

To cut the shapes, position the tool so the marks line up on the seams and carefully cut with a small rotary tool. 

The cut shapes should be positioned in exactly the same order they were cut so the twisters will match up and sewn together. The finished quilt will be about 1/3 smaller than the first size you start with but then you can add borders if you want
Ilene says that if you cut carefully you can use the leftover pieces to create an outer border for the quilt so very little fabric is wasted. 

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